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Why Appear on Going Public®

A catalyst for emerging brands

  • Going Public® offers brand exposure to millions of viewers.
  • Turn customers, fans, and followers into brand ambassadors.
  • Accelerate revenues through new customer acquisition.
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Airing on MarketWatch.com

Season Two will be digitally streamed on MarketWatch.com, which boasts over 70 million monthly unique visitors and will be promoted across the Wall Street Journal Delivery Network including Barrons.com, WSJ.com, Investors.com, as well as their respective YouTube and Meta properties.

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Promoted to millions of Retail Investors

The Wall Street Journal Delivery Network will provide extensive promotions for Going Public, which includes driving awareness amongst the 7.6 million Retail Investors it reaches on MarketWatch.com, which ranks #2 in reach of Retail Investors, High Net Worth Individuals, Active Traders, and self-directed Investors.

Source: 2022 Doublebase Ipsos Affluent Survey USA

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